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3d print service
working parts and prototypes

spray painting

coloring service
without additional costs

free shipping
we do not apply
shipping costs
on all orders
from european Countries

data security
files transmission and
secure transactions
guaranteed by SSL
(Secure Sockets Layer)

progressive discounts
from 2 to 20 copies
For larger quantities
request a custom quote

choose language and upload models (.stl, .stp, .obj)

fill in the form attaching the 3d model (.step,.stp,.stl) and/or other files (.pdf,.jpg,.zip,.rar)

HP Multi Jet Fusion

HP MJF Polyamide PA12 gray, black dyed .pdf

HP MJF  GLASS BEADS PA12 polyamide glass beads gray or black dyed  .pdf

HP MJF PA11 PA11 polyamide grey or black dyed for strong parts .pdf

HP MJF PA RAL/PANTONE PAINTED (no additional costs)
Spray painted polyamide with acrylic colors in all RAL or PANTONE shades (indicate the codes (eg RAL2010-PANTONE 1665)

stampa 3d a colori
HP MJF COLORS PA12 color polyamide in four-color process .pdf
Requires models (.obj .wrl .3mf) with colored textures (.png .jpg)

elastomero poliuretanico termoplastico
TPU thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer Flexible thermoplastic material with excellent elongation and good tensile strength for flexible parts .pdf


stampa 3d inox
420 stainless steel/bronze
420/BR stainless steel for parts up to 760x390x390 mm.
Sandblasted, nickel-plated, matte black, gold-plated

stampa 3d inox 316
316L stainless steel
316L stainless steel. It can be finished natural or polished

stampa 3d alta definizione

316L HD stainless steel
High Definition 316L stainless steel for highly detailed parts.
stampa 3d Inconel 625

Inconel 625
Inconel 625 for parts resistant to very high temperatures

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